When Should You Use CBD Supplementation?

Having a Moment

Why does every weekend feel like the end of a race I didn’t actually know I was participating in? Some weeks I feel like I just get through them but this week has been one of those weeks that made me question the ‘why’ of all the little things. I think it’s incredibly easy for us to get caught up in the act of doing all the things from day to day and filling our week with activities that society has told us in some form or fashion that we should be doing, but then at the end of the day, you look back and you’re not even sure why you did half of those things. I am a firm believer in not waiting for some pivotal moment or significant time of the year (like the New Year) to stop and review the efficiency, purpose, and significance of all the things taking up time in my life. It’s important to create those moments all on your own rather than letting someone else have control of when and how these moments happen for you. I think we all know that time is the most valuable asset at our disposal, so it’s no small decision when you decide how you’re going to spend yours daily. I know we kind of dove into a bit of a deeper conversation right off the bat in this Heartland Hemp Happy Hour, but it’s all about creating those moments. Right now is one of those moments for me and I recognize these moments are important to share, especially for those of us who find it harder to slow down and take into consideration all the aspects of the direction in our lives, or even the lack thereof.

Sorry, Not Sorry

If you're now having an existential realization and questioning the purpose of everything taking up time in your life, I can't apologize. I know those moments can sometimes be uncomfortable, but discomfort is the root of all growth. The problem is, sometimes we can't allow ourselves to experience this sort of discomfort because it causes mental anxiety to a point that makes it harder to function. Trust me, I completely get that. I’ve struggled many times with that breakthrough into the next life phase because I was too afraid of the discomfort I knew came along with being outside of my usual zone and stepping away from my established routine, physically and mentally. The trick is, you find little things that physically soothe that anxiety of the unknown and when you find what works for you, the self-reflection and changes in direction come much more easily.

CBD Life Hacks

Honestly, reading back over this, it sounds like I’m telling you that it would be a good idea to develop a drug addiction, but I assure you, there are other ways of coping that are less likely to complicate your life- and not just coping, actually developing a method of embracing those uncomfortable times for what they are: signs of growth and change. If you’re anything like me, mental angst is no stranger and neither are existential breakdowns for that matter. Everyone has a different idea on how we should be getting through these sorts of life complications, but I’m a big fan of doing my body as little harm as possible in the process, because I only get one. This week, during all of these deep thoughts and conversations with myself, ( I swear I’m not crazy…at least I’m pretty sure) I was careful to stay on top of my health regimen to ensure that these moments didn't have any control over causing negative direction in my life. I rely on my gym routine to get me through a lot of it, but getting up in the morning or coming home to an empty house at night can be the times when these pivotal self-reflective moments tend to get derailed or scary to embrace. Despite lots of healthy habits I’ve developed to discourage the darkness from taking over, my anxiety has a real knack for taking the reins and letting panic take residence as the copilot. The best and most effective way I’ve found of riding out those weaker points, is to incorporate my CBD supplements into my waking up or winding down routine. Last week, I let you in on the secret of CBD oil in my morning coffee (having mine at this very moment), but to add to that- I find it probably twice as beneficial to supplement with CBD oil before bed. Sleep is going to be where you find the energy and drive to have that fresh outlook each morning which is detrimental in driving those pivotal changes. I don't usually get that fancy with it, sometimes I’ll even just use a few drops of CBD oil under my tongue- but one of my favorites is to have a few drops in my SleepyTime tea. That combo is the most effective tool I’ve found in allowing me to quell those racing thoughts at night and allow myself to just sleep, giving me the reset I need to approach obstacles from new angles when morning rolls around.

Happier Happy Hour

This is not a plug or just another self-help product advocacy. This is real life and the anecdotal evidence I promised you from the beginning. I don't just write these blog posts in hopes that I turn a few people on to using products from the Heartland Hemp Supply Co site or even from elsewhere. I write these because I know how difficult it can be to let go of those small toxic things and just allow yourself to live to your full potential. We need all the help we can get and anything I have that can help someone else is meant to be shared. Know this: you’re not alone in the struggle, friend. Stay tuned for next week’s Happy Hour- which will be in a ‘happier’ vein, I promise. Until then- have your moment.