Welcome Back, Friends

You’re Back.

I never promised you a Rose Garden. I did promise you that if you stuck with me, I would take you on a journey on which we discover the endless uses and benefits known to be associated with the consumption of CBD oil along with the uses of other hemp-based products. Now, I know you're all chomping at the bit to have the cold hard facts laid out for you like your mother lays out your clothes each morning (please, let that not be the case- if so, we likely need to have a whole different conversation). Anyway don't fret, my friends, I’m gonna deliver. But first, let’s set something straight. We’re also here to have fun. We do enough work and take on enough stress during the week as it is, especially my friends who punch that 9-5 clock working for the man. I FEEL you. So let’s shake all that off, loosen up, and maybe grab some tea, perhaps laced with your CBD oil of choice (shameless plug, I know). We’re here for a good time. We’re here to feel good. Let’s do it.

Let’s get busy.

Now, down to business. First things first- a little something for all my history buffs out there. Did y'all know that the growth and distribution of hemp is among the oldest industries, dating back to the culmination of the pottery industry? And I’m sure you’ve all heard the stories about Thomas Jefferson and George Washington actually growing hemp on their plantations back in colonial times. That’s right- our nation’s founding fathers. Geniuses. Back in those days, hemp was mostly just used for making paper or textile. But as we all know, no government is a true government without jumping at prime opportunities to make that money. So, 1937 inevitably brought about the ‘Marihuana Tax Act.’ This act did not necessarily make hemp illegal, but it made it pretty inconvenient for those farmers who were growing and distributing it. It always boils down to the money, right?

The history of hemp is a long and tumultuous one. I mean, I definitely get it, people are averse to that which they do not understand. Fortunately, hemp and its by-products are becoming a much more popular topic of study in recent years. This phenomena was furthered even more so by the signing of the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018, better known as the ‘Farm Bill’. None of us pay as much attention to the implications of political events as we should, I’m the first to admit my guilt here. BUT- this one was a big one, and definitely had me sitting on the edge of my seat. The signing of the Farm Bill allowed hemp and hemp-derived products to lose their Schedule I status. Simply put, as long as CBD is extracted only from hemp and doesn't contain any THC (the psychoactive agent that gives the plant it’s reputation), it’s considered aboveboard by the government. The FDA of course, maintains its skepticism over the product, but when has there ever not been a product they didn't drag their feet over until they saw just the right opportunity for monetary advantage? No hate at all- money is what makes the world go round after all is said and done. There’s no shame in playing the game.

Yes, the answer is yes.

All that to say yes, you can now consume lots of hemp-derived products commercially. This includes CBD oil products. This is the biggest step towards fully understanding the extent of the benefits we can reap from things like CBD oil, hemp-based skincare, and hemp-based supplements. You, the consumer, now have every opportunity to shape this industry the way you want it to be shaped for the coming years. Personally, it feels pretty awesome to be on the front lines of what will be looked back on as a huge turning point in history. Mark my words. Quote me. I’m never wrong. Okay, I was wrong that one time I was certain that my mom’s antique quilt would make a good parachute off the roof of our house. Okay, okay, and also maybe when I thought it might be smart to build a campfire in the bathtub. But that’s neither here nor there, right?

Internet friends, hemp and CBD are carving their place in history. It’s their time to shine. You don't have to jump on the band wagon, but I’ll save a seat for you if you do. Don’t worry, I’m a great wagon-mate.