A Whole New Heartland Hemp and Supply Co.

It’s here. The day we’ve been talking about for weeks has finally arrived and I couldn't be more excited. Go ahead, take a look around! You’ll notice we’ve made lots of beautiful updates to our site, including the addition of features like our Backroads Radio playlist, which we’ll now be carefully curating on a regular basis for your ongoing enjoyment and inspiration. But of course what I’m most excited about is the much anticipated release of an incredible new line of broad spectrum CBD products of our very own, which I know you're going to fall in love with as much as I have. Heartland Hemp and Supply Co. has been collectively working on all of these exciting new things for the past few months and the day I finally get to share what all the excitement is about could not be a more perfect, more symbolic day. 


Today is May Day, a traditional spring holiday more commonly referred to as International Worker’s Day. It was no accident that we decided that the launch of the updated face of Heartland Hemp and our new product line would fall on this day specifically. International Workers’ Day also falls on this day, the first of May, and was first established to mark the occurrence of the Haymarket affair, which was a demonstration in favor of the 8 hour workday that took place in May of 1886. The Haymarket affair took place in Chicago where many people actually lost their lives standing up for a cause they believed in during this strike. Although most of us now probably tend to curse the eight hour work day on a daily basis, this was actually a huge improvement from the unfair workday expectations that many workers were commonly subjected to before the eight hour workday was legally mandated. While the United States celebrates Labor Day in September, many countries around the world still observe International Workers’ Day on May 1st. 

Stand For Something, or You’ll Fall For Anything 

The reason we chose this day of all days to mark a new era for Heartland Hemp and Supply Co. is because everyone on our team knows what it’s like to encounter struggle and put in blood, sweat, and tears for something we feel is worth doing. I’ve stayed up many hours for nights on end writing, creating, and brainstorming with the rest of the Heartland Hemp team when we all had to get up early the next day to go to our 9-5 jobs, only to turn around and wash, rinse, and repeat the next night. It’s not always a convenient or fun time to pursue the things you're passionate about. Sure, there are times I feel so motivated and energetic, but there are countless more times when I feel dead tired from a long work week, I feel emotionally drained and even depressed from dealing with things in my personal life, or I just feel utterly uninspired. These are the moments when it’s just so much easier to allow myself to become complacent and tell myself that I could just keep punching the clock everyday until I’m able to cash in on my 401k. These are the moments when I’m so tempted to just put my blinders on and keep plodding along in my harness, forever plowing someone else’s field. When I find myself falling into this mindset, I have to shake myself back awake and force myself to keep working, no matter what. These moments when we’ve gritted our teeth and went back to work when it was the last thing we wanted to do is exactly why Heartland Hemp has chosen to fundamentally align with the root of what International Workers’ Day stands for.

Are You Working For Your Fulfillment? 

There have been many long hours of conversation between myself and the rest of the Heartland Hemp team in which we discussed the message we’d like the company to identify with. The themes that came up over and over in these conversations were hard work, persistence, honesty, the American dream, and more hard work. I know that we all are born into vastly different circumstances and we don't all get the same opportunities presented to us. The one thing that we do all have in common is the ability to not remain complacent with where we have landed in life if that isn't the place we truly want to be. Perhaps I may not be able to go as far or do as much with the time I have here on Earth as my neighbor who was born into wealth. Conversely, maybe I have the opportunity to go so much further than another who may find themselves having been born into a country where the freedoms I often take for granted are not a given. Regardless of the circumstances, I know my fulfillment in life will not come unless I find a way to make it happen for myself- whatever that may look like. This is what Heartland Hemp is built on. Determination. Trial by error. Persistence. And most of all, a burning desire to work as hard as possible for every ounce of fulfillment that can be gained from delivering this experience to all of you. 

Welcome to Our Family

I’m incredibly honored and excited for the privilege to be a part of a team that allows me to have a voice that reaches even one of you. I’m beyond sold on the amazing results and benefits of being a regular CBD and hemp product consumer, or there’s no way I’d be here telling you about it and working to make these benefits and experiences more accessible to you. I invite you to join the Heartland Hemp and Supply Co. family not only as a consumer who has found a quality CBD product to stand by, but also as a fellow human who seeks to taste every drop of fulfillment from the hard work you put in and will continue to put in every single day.