Chin Up & CBD Through It

So You Use CBD and Your Life Still Sucks?

Sometimes it seems like no matter what you do, things just fall apart in the most spectacular, messy, fashion. Even when you take your daily dose of CBD and eat all your veggies, somehow you still wind up at rock bottom. It’s easy to sit back and lament the way things are going when they don't feel like they’re going your way. In fact, there are some who downright enjoy any opportunity to wallow in their own self-pity when the going gets tough. Why? Well, it could be that humans have a built-in need for validation and receiving that attention from yourself or others about whatever negative thing you may be going through serves to fulfill that need. Or it could be that pitying yourself is much easier than the alternative- getting up and doing something about it. I wish I could say that I weren't guilty of this but if I’m being honest, I catch myself starting to feel sorry for myself all the time. It’s too easy to ask yourself what you did to deserve all the bad luck and frankly, it just feels good to not have to take responsibility for the state of your life when things go wrong. The problem is, it’s a dangerous state of mind to be in. Allowing yourself to get trapped in the mindset where you think the world is out to get you, as if it owes you anything at all, will only serve to make progress impossible to come by.

Whistle While You Work

There are those who might say that being positive is easy but the truth is, affecting positive change- even just for yourself- is hard work; there’s no way around that. There are measures that have to be taken, there are hours that have to be put in, and even then, sometimes things don't turn around exactly how or when you want them to. The point is, you most definitely won't be getting out of the pit of misery by allowing yourself to continue wallowing in it. The question I have to ask myself when I find myself in this headspace is “What can I do today to make it happen?” From there, it’s a little easier to identify the path forward. There’s a reason someone, somewhere once coined the phrase “one step at a time”. So what’s the first step then? When I need to clear a path forward, the first thing I do is focus on what is immediately in my control. Does my room need to be cleaned? Does my car need to be washed? Do I need to be in the gym? Chances are, one of these things is the case. It might seem silly that washing your car would have any affect on pulling you out of the mud, but trust me on this. If there is anything at all consuming undue mental energy in your life, for instance- knowing in the back of your mind that your car is filthy, get rid of that drain on your mental faculties. Just wash the damn car. Just go to the gym. Not only will you immediately feel some relief knowing those things are out of the way, you’ll also have freed up some mental faculties to throw at the bigger problems that are getting you down.

What Are the Next Steps?

Once you’ve tackled all of the little things that you possibly can, it’s time to start thinking about the bigger steps. The most important thing you can possibly do here is going to be holding yourself accountable. Identify the contributing factors that you allowed to get yourself down in the first place. Start forming target specific habits that are going to remind you that you are the sole person responsible for your state of mind. Forming a habit is as simple as STARTING. This is where the accountability comes in. I’ve listed a few habits I’ve worked on forming to keep myself accountable for my own mental state so you can see what works for you:

  • Write down goals and tasks: No matter how big or small. If your sole responsibility for the day is to take out the trash- write it down. Obviously you probably don't need help remembering to do one thing- but the act of writing something down and being able to check it off your list once you’ve done it will trigger a sense of accomplishment

  • FEED YOUR BODY: Again for all of you in then back! Feed your body. This doesn't mean eat. This means put things into your body that your body needs. Drink water- more water than you think is enough and then more. Eat out less. Have meals with friends and family more often instead of in front of the tv. Don’t forget to supplement with vitamins and CBD oil if you’re on that bandwagon with me. Sleep appropriate amounts. Give your body time to be outside. Listen to what your body is telling you it needs. You are its caretaker and that’s a big responsibility.

  • Spend time with yourself: This doesn't mean spend time alone. This means spend some time away from your phone, with the tv turned off, just focusing on getting in touch with yourself. Meditate and reflect on things you are grateful for about yourself- things you love about yourself. When I first started doing this, I could only do it for about a minute as there are not a huge amount of things I love about myself, but it gets easier with practice.

I know what you're thinking. This is all so cheesy and you’ve heard it a million times. Here’s the thing though- if you’re doing all of these things, guess what you’re not doing? You’re not sulking alone, wasting time being mad at the hand you were dealt. This is what separates those who will succeed from those who won't when the rubber meets the road. If you find reasons to keep moving forward and implement habits to keep yourself accountable, the days don't have any choice but to get a little brighter.

Please Standby

Speaking of brighter days- you may have noticed some changes on the Heartland Hemp Supply Co. site. I did tell you some exciting things were coming down the pipeline and I’m so close to getting to share them with you. Over the next few weeks, our series of application based blog posts might drop some hints on what you can expect. In the meantime, keep your chins up and stay tuned friends!