How Does CBD Get to You?

Happy Hour is Happier With Coffee

Happy Saturday, friends! I imagine all of you are at this very moment plotting out your extremely productive weekends. Or maybe just walking in the door from an invigorating, early-morning jaunt to the Farmers Market. Or maybe you're sitting on your couch lining up Netflix options for the next 8 hours of binging- which is okay too. Sometimes a good binge is the only thing that keeps you from losing it on the co-worker that gave you bronchitis, because apparently not every school/parent taught kids that it’s cool to cover your mouth when you cough. Or stay home when you have fever. But, I digress. Wherever this fresh new morning finds you, I can promise you it can't be feeling any more like a product placement ad than I do at this very moment. Completely unintentionally, I sat down at my desk this morning to write after having applied a hemp mask to rejuvenate my sickly bronchitis skin, all the while sipping my coffee that I just so happened to have infused with coconut and CBD oil. By the way, if you haven't tried CBD and coconut oil in your morning coffee, you're seriously missing out. I use Endoca Hemp Oil and any generic organic coconut oil from my local market. (Not a known cure for bronchitis, but it definitely soothes the throat). Not only is this extremely tasty and aromatic, but the calming effect of the CBD oil always gives me a nice counter-balance to the jitters I sometimes get when I chug that first cup in the morning. I add the coconut oil because A. It’s delicious and one of the best aroma combinations ever and B. the purported health benefits of doses of coconut oil are numerous. One of which is that it helps boost the immune system, which I clearly need at the moment.

What’s the Science?

Now that you have been brainwashed into making a trip to your kitchen to brew yourself some CBD-Coconut oil coffee, pull up a chair and get cozy, friends. Last week, we chatted about a little hemp history. Now let’s get into some super nerdy details about how the sausage is made. I’m no scientist. I am also not a botanist. But I am not so dense that I can’t understand some simple processes, so I’ll just break it down to you as I understand it. First, like most crops, it is important that for CBD to have the best effects, the hemp/cannabis plant it is extracted from should be grown in an optimum environment at an optimum time. I assume none of you are farmers looking for farming advice, so we won't get into the specifics on that (farmer friends, this is not an almanac). Once the plant is all grown up, the flower is harvested to extract the CBD. CBD is one of the many cannabinoids that exist naturally in the resin glands of cannabis plants. The oil that can be extracted contains concentrations of CBD, the levels of which vary based on growth environment, strain of the plant, and lots of other cultivation related factors. When it comes to the extraction, there are many different ways that the oil moves on to production which depend largely on the market the product is headed for. If the oil is destined for medical use, the extraction would likely be done with the aid of grain alcohol. This method is of course expected to yield the purest form of the oil with higher concentrations of CBD. If the product is destined for a less expensive market, it’s likely that olive oil or sometimes hemp seed oil would be used as a vehicle of sorts for the CBD as these oils have proven to be one of the more effective (and inexpensive) methods of extraction. Once the extraction is completed, the CBD oil is ready to be manufactured into the end product, which are often targeted for use as topical treatments, edibles/digestibles, or oils intended for things like vaping. That’s where we come in- ahhhh, consumerism.

Can We Break the Cycle of Taboo?

Now that you have been (somewhat) enlightened on the bare bones of how CBD oil is made, you’re probably wondering why it has been such a taboo topic and product for so long if it’s actually as simple as I made it sound. In short, there are just so many things about CBD that people tend to misunderstand (a few of which I’ve brought up today and in my previous posts) but together we will continue to explore these nuances in Heartland Hemp Happy Hour in efforts to break the cycle. As time goes on and more people like you and I make strides to educate ourselves and others, I anticipate that CBD will quickly become much less taboo. Speaking of taboo…or Tabu rather, I can never resist talking up products that I actually use and love. Heartland Hemp is not sponsored, but we have some friends over at House of Tabu who make the coolest mugs, glasses, and art and I wanted to share the wealth with all of you. In fact, my CBD/Coconut oil coffee (which is now cold) seems like it tastes even better when I drink it from a House of Tabu tiki mug, especially early in the morning. If you wanna check out more by House of Tabu, you can find some pretty cool stuff on their webpage or social media, which is below. Until next time, my friends- stay tuned and stay away from bronchitis-ridden coworkers.

House of Tabu

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