How to Lifehack with CBD Supplementation

Back to the *Coffee* Grind

Wake up and smell the Coconut Oil-CBD Coffee, my friends. It’s the weekend and time to get busy on all the things we’ve put off all week. Or, if you’re much less of a procrastinator than the rest of the world, it’s time to slow down a bit because you stayed on top of it all week long. Whatever your itinerary for the day may hold, I’ve got you covered for all the ways you can use CBD to get the most out of it. Last week, we had a come-to-Jesus happy hour in which I made everyone either feel super uncomfortable about getting all in our feels, or spawned a movement of existentialism in CBD users. Not sure which one of those you most identify with, but they’re still letting me write this blog so clearly we didn't take it *too* far. As promised, I’m here to deliver on a happier happy hour this week. Sorry to all of you downers who get their kicks from my dark, introspective side- this week is for the glass-half-full types. Or something like that.

A Day In the Life With CBD

Since we’ve covered the legality of CBD, the growth/production of CBD, and the purported benefits to your mental/physical health in previous posts, I figured it may be time to chat about some of the practical day to day uses of CBD. Everyone has a different supplement routine and lots of people have no supplement routines at all, but if you’re the type of person who thrives from structure and regimen, you might be wondering how you can use CBD in a structured way throughout your day to make it work as efficiently for you as possible. Now, some of you wake up in the mornings feeling (and looking) like death warmed over. I’m more of a morning person than most, but I still have my days- which is when this regimen serves me the best. When I wake up in the mornings, the first thing I do is wash my face with a bar of facial cleanser made entirely from raw ingredients, including hemp of course. I have always had easily irritated skin, so commercial products only serve to further that irritation. This is the first face cleanser I’ve used that has not had that negative effect, which has much to do with the hemp used in conjunction with the other raw ingredients as hemp has been known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Once my face is all fresh and glowing, you all know by now that there’s a cup (let’s get real, more like three probably) of coffee infused with coconut and CBD oil on the agenda. Because the CBD oil is mixed with a healthy dose of caffeine, the calming effects of the CBD don’t make me feel less alert for the start of my day, just more tolerant in preparation for that morning commute. This dose usually lasts me right up until lunch time which is perfect, because this is when I take my actual supplements.

Mid-Day Strategizing

I’m a pretty simple type when it comes to daily supplements and tend to stay on the natural side as much as possible, so the only things I take outside of CBD supplements are fish oil and occasionally a healthy dose of amino acids in powder form if I know I went all out at the gym the previous day and need some extra help with recovery. When I say “CBD supplements”, this can actually come in many different forms. I actually take them in pill form because most days, I’m at work and it’s just a more convenient, less conspicuous vehicle to get the dose. Like most other supplements, you can also find CBD in fun, vitamin gummy form, in oil form (ingested orally), or lots of people even ingest it via vaporizer. #vapenationbro (At this moment, I’m reeeallly hoping you all can sense my ironic tone. But in all seriousness, there are lots of things to get into on vaporizing which we will cover in later posts, but it’s a pretty efficient way for lots of people to ingest CBD and tends to also help ease social anxiety, so vape on y’all). This supplement around lunch time is usually the last time I’ll use any form of CBD during the day until I get home. I often come straight home from the gym and tend to have trouble stopping myself from using that post-gym adrenaline to start work on various projects, despite how late it is sometimes. While this tendency can actually be quite useful, sometimes we really just need to rest. The best way I’ve found to bring myself down to a tolerable level of energy is to have tea-time as soon as I get home. I am no tea expert, but I certainly love my “sleepy-time tea” as I mentioned before. I realize not all of you are into tea-drinking, but for those of you who are, you can add a few drops of CBD oil, some lemon, and maybe a little honey, and that little cup will chill you right out. If you can't get into tea, the oil can be taken straight by dropping it under your tongue and holding it there for a few seconds for the best effect. The taste is usually earthy (at worst) or infused with various flavors depending on what you buy. I always sleep like a baby after my tea time- a hot bath or shower definitely doesn't hurt either.

Please Don’t Stalk Me?

Now that you all know enough about my daily routine to be classified as level 10 stalkers, I think I might need to take an extra dose of CBD oil to sleep tonight. Kidding…mostly. I know it sounds like I might have it all together from this strict schedule, but there are plenty of times when I get off my routine and that’s to be expected occasionally, especially if you have the same weakness I have of “never knowing when to stop doing all of the things.” However, the days when I manage to maintain my regimen are the days when I go to bed feeling the least scattered and as if I might actually hit REM that night- which is a major accomplishment for a lot of us, honestly. So here’s to structure, balance, and REM sleep for everyone this weekend. Cheers, my friends.