Is Using CBD For Your Pet A Good Idea?

Appreciate the Process

If you're here and joining us for another Heartland Hemp Happy Hour, you made it through the week. You didn't just make it, you conquered it. Without a little distance and perspective, it’s hard to feel like you ever make any progress on your goals and projects week over week. When a week is done, I usually look back and think “wow, what even happened just now,” but after the passing of a few more weeks or sometimes months even, it gets so much easier to look back and see the significance and effect that one week or day had on the overall outcome. All of that to say, don't get so caught up in the end product that you can’t appreciate the process. Savor those learning experiences and appreciate all the Mondays along the way.

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

I try not to let myself ever get in the frame of mind where I’m overly excited for the weekend days, because it feels like I get to a point that I’m living for the weekend and not taking full advantage of all the days in between. But let’s be real here, occasionally you just can't help yourself- weekends are when a lot of exciting things happen. This past weekend happened to be one I was really looking forward to, but the elements conspired with mother nature against me to keep me homebound most of the weekend. I wasn’t all that upset about the torrential downpour because there’s just something so cathartic about hearing the crashing thunder shaking the open patio door and smelling the warm earthiness of the rain washing everything clean. Unfortunately, my dog does not at all share the sentiment. He’ll rush anxiously from the patio door, to me, to under my bed, and repeat until the storm abates. This can make it slightly harder to focus on appreciating the storm rather than feeling limited by it. He does a little better if I wrap a blanket around him and hold him closely, but as you can imagine, this is not ideal for my own productivity.

Grab Your Thunder Buddy

I’d heard lots of people mention administering CBD oil to their pets by adding it to their food daily, but I’d never really thought it was necessarily something my own dog needed. Supplementing with CBD oil in a dog or cat’s diet daily has been said to reduce their anxiety, fight inflammation, and ease noise phobia, among lots of other benefits. When the rainy season rolled around this year, I realized it might be time to see what the hype was all about. After spending some time researching the appropriate way to dose pets and looking into a few different brands, I settled on a local brand of pet CBD drops. I didn’t notice anything right away after administering the drops for a few days in my dog’s breakfast, but I did notice that he actually seemed to be more eager for his food in the morning with the CBD oil in it than he was with his evening time meal without, so they must taste pretty good to him. That very weekend, a rainstorm blew through and it was not quite what you would call a “light shower”. The lightning began out of nowhere and the thunder shook my whole apartment building. I immediately looked around for Clyde to calm him down, but he was sitting in his chair by the window, cooly staring out into the rain. It was clear that he was still on edge because his ears were at attention and quivering slightly, but he wasn't resorting to his usual frantic pacing. He stayed in this pose for the remainder of the rainstorm, which honestly was much less concerning than the panting and pacing.

How Far Will You Go For Your Best Friend?

I’m truly not what I would consider a high maintenance person. Of course, that’s hugely a matter of perspective, but I suppose I’ve only got mine to go on so that’s my claim and I’m sticking to it. I don’t need much, just lots of food, water, and exposure to the sun to keep me thriving, much like a ficus. The one thing I really do count on to get me through any sort of emotional hangup is my dog. He’s incredibly important to me and has been with me through many phases in life. He has honestly ingested a lot of my tears via licking my face over the years, which *fingers crossed* do not ever surpass his daily recommended sodium intake. While he is mischievous and slightly ornery at times, he is ALWAYS very happy to see me when I get home and eager to shower me with kisses and drool. So even if I weren't already supplementing with CBD on a regular basis for myself, I definitely wouldn't have minded trying any sort of remedy to help chill him out a little during the times when it’s my turn to be there for him. I do realize that I sound slightly obsessed with him at this point, but if you're not obsessed with your pet, then what are we doing folks? I’m planning to continue supplementing his food and monitor how else the CBD seems to affect him, but after a month, I’m pleased with how it’s going.

CBD On the Rise?

I was talking to my mom on the phone a few days ago who is actually a school nurse in a pretty rural town. I was very surprised to hear her report that she is getting requests from some parents of students for the nurse’s office to dose particular health issues with CBD throughout the school day. It’s clear that CBD is becoming more and more common in the average household, so I’m excited to see how far the reach will extend, past even getting the family pet on board. But mostly, I’m excited because the countdown is officially well underway for some really cool things Heartland Hemp has in the works. In a matter of just a few weeks, we’re going to be letting all of you in on everything we’ve been working on. Stay tuned and be sure to subscribe to our mailing list so you don't miss any news about blog releases and the next big thing around the corner! See ya’ll next week.

Macy McKinney