Keeping Up With the Trailblazers

Oh, The Places You’ll Go

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of making a tough decision and realizing as you’re making it that everything in your life to follow will be drastically affected by the direction you choose in that moment? No pressure, right? Of course you have, we’ve all found ourselves in this situation at least once in our lives. The beauty of these moments is that you always see so much potential from that viewpoint at the fork in the road. Once you choose right or left and start making your way down the path you committed to, your view of all that potential starts to fade and you start having to give yourself reminders of why you chose what you did, especially when the going gets rough, which it inevitably does. I have learned through much trial and error (probably more error) that if things don't get hard at some point, if life seems a little too easy, I’m more than likely following the wrong path. Time and time again, I’ve tried taking the path that maybe looked a little more comfortable, only to be reminded that it looks more comfortable because more people are taking it. I’m willing to bet that if you're reading this blog, you're not the type of person to take a road just because more people are driving down it. You instead ask yourself how you can get through the obstacles which lay waiting down the more difficult path when others weren't able to. You pride yourself on the overcoming rather than merely existing. This is maybe a sign of sheer stubbornness but also likely the reason why you thrive under harsh circumstances when many others would give up.

Getting Back to the Basics

Being able to recognize these pivotal moments while we’re in them instead of in retrospect is a huge advantage. This allows us to invest the ample thought and time into these decisions that they deserve. This past weekend, I found myself standing once more at one of those crossroads. I’ve been extremely busy as of late, so I knew staying in my house where I could find lots of work I could be doing would only serve to cloud my judgement. I grabbed my dog and headed out to the trails to do some thinking. I always do my best thinking out on the trails. I take my pup and my canteen, which is of course filled with lemon CBD oil infused water, and we get lost in nature. Maybe it’s because hiking has so many physical obstacles and putting my body through conquering physical mountains warms it up to conquering the mental ones, or maybe it’s because the woods behind my house was the place I did all of my serious thinking as a kid. Either way, it’s always harder as an adult to turn off the anxious thoughts about all the things that need to get done or the deadlines you have looming over you. This is why the CBD infused water is now a staple for my hikes- it just helps turn off the residual mental chatter so I can focus more on the heavier lifting. This past weekend was no exception. I hiked the trails, losing myself in the melodic trickling of the creek and the musky, earthy, smell of leaves being stirred up as I walked under the canopies of trees, just thinking and reflecting.

Use the Tools In Your Belt

There is typically no magical moment during times like these when things click and you suddenly know the way to go. The point is, to think and challenge every angle of the situation. Too often, we don’t do this because we’re so distracted by other things going on. You have to do what you have to do to engineer time specifically for thinking through the big things in your life, whether it’s taking your dog on a hike, setting aside some time for meditation and sipping your CDB oil tea, or even just sitting alone in your car with your phone turned off for a few minutes. As adults, we have so many more reasons why we can't take a moment to realign, refocus, and just breathe before taking a leap. There are work deadlines, there are children, there are bills- the chatter caused by these huge presences resounds so much louder than anything I remember experiencing as a kid. It was always so easy to think myself into another world and escape whatever dragon I was battling at the moment. The dragons get faster and bigger and stronger as time goes on, but fortunately so do we. You might not have the same mental capacity for daydreaming your way out of a difficult situation like you did when you were younger, but you do have experience on your side and you do have more tools in your tool belt. Use them. Use exercise, and meditation, and supplementation. This is how those who always stick to the rough road consistently make it through. We are not afraid to evolve and grow and use whatever resources we can to outsmart the obstacles.

CBD as a Tool

Many of you are already using CBD supplementation for exactly this reason. You’ve read the research, you know the studies show that CBD can address both physical pain and mental anxiety. But how can you use CBD as the most effective tool possible? Heartland Hemp Happy Hour is going to be your key in finding the way to use CBD supplementation that best serves you. In the next few weeks, The Heartland Hemp Happy Hour will be putting out comprehensive and application-based guides on how CBD can enhance very specific aspects of your life. Along with using these methods to gain that edge you need for taking off down the road less traveled, I challenge you to also be more diligent about engineering the time you need for yourself. If you think you might need a moment, you probably do. You deserve to have that mental balance and those around you deserve to have that version of you. Stay tuned for the comprehensive CBD application guides among other big things around the corner! Go forth, blaze that trail, and take your time, friends.