The Scoop on the NEW Spring Breeze Salve

Feeling Breezy, Working on the Beautiful 

Happy Sunday, Friends! If your week has been anything like mine, you deserve to kick back and make the absolute most out of this Sunday Funday, which I fully intend to do myself! Heartland Hemp & Supply Co. has been fielding a few growing pains this past week but with some determination and quick thinking, we’ve been able to readjust and keep moving forward. That’s what it’s all about right? Life is not about what happens, it’s about how you handle what happens. In the meantime, you’ll notice that all of your beautiful content is still in the same home on the site, but when you get ready to replenish any of your favorite CBD products, you’ll now click “Ready to Buy?” on the home page, which will lead you right to a browsing page full of everything you’re looking for- including two brand new products that we are so excited to have added to the lineup; our Wholesome Hemp soft gels and Spring Breeze Salve. I’m especially excited for these new additions because I have been sampling them up until now and I’m over the moon with how they turned out. It was incredibly hard to choose, but I decided to put together a comprehensive review of the Spring Breeze Salve because I love it just a tiny bit more, sort of how my parents love my younger brother a tiny bit more. Kidding, Mom. (No, I’m not.)

The Experiment 

I used the salve for a few reasons these past couple of weeks, with the intent of recording any differences or lack thereof. I am an avid gym-goer and CBD is said to work wonders for sore muscles or inflamed joints, so I was excited to first try using this post-gym for some soreness in my knee I’ve been noticing. Second, with summer coming around in Texas in full effect, my skin is having its usual annual fit over the confusing switching back and forth from heavy humidity to dry as heck desert heat every few minutes, so naturally I have a few dry skin patches that needed some care, most noticeably on one of my wrists. The very first thing that struck me about the salve was the beautiful lavender and eucalyptus smell. The lavender has an immediate calming effect while the eucalyptus brings about visions of marshy fields full of cattails rippling in the breeze. Maybe it’s really just an incredibly relaxing scent combination and the happy place my brain always sends me to is any place near the beach with a margarita in my hand, but I’ll let you decide that for yourself! The salve comes in the cutest jar in more of a solid form, sort of like a lip balm, so to apply the salve, I first opened the jar and rubbed the top of the salve to warm it slightly. This makes the salve less viscous which allows it to spread smoothly and easily onto your skin. Every day for a few weeks, I applied the salve to both my knee and some dry skin areas on my wrist at any point in the day that I thought about it. This was usually sitting at my desk at work drinking my morning coffee or when I would get home at the end of the day, so you could say I applied it morning and night daily. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect because topical products can be a little hit or miss.


Just kidding. I always think those awful clickbait titles are so cringe, yet I somehow find myself clicking on them EVERY single time. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if next I offered you 50% off a limited time, life-changing, weight loss miracle discovery cure, offer only available for the next 24 hours? Go sell your magic beans to some other shmuck, Jack. But on a serious note, I was pretty impressed with the outcome of consistent application of the CBD salve to those trouble areas. I can’t tell you that my knee is now magically pain free, because I’m aging *sigh* and that will maybe never be the case again. However, I can say that application of the salve to the sore areas of my knee absolutely soothed and relaxed those tender spots. I was at the point where sometimes my sore knee would wake me up at night, and I’m barely noticing it now after a few weeks of some CBD TLC. I don’t know what outcome I expected, but I’ll take that! The dry skin areas I was having trouble with are a different story altogether. It was maybe two days of using the salve before the dry areas vanished completely. For the last week or so, I couldn’t even really remember where the dry spots were, so I’ve just been slathering it all over my arm. Can’t hurt to have super soft arms, right? Not a chance of those dry patchy areas showing their ugly head again with my definite over vigilance with this stuff. You could say that I might have gotten a little carried away with the application, but I’m a little obsessed. Not only did my dry skin spots heal up in pretty record timing, I also think I developed an addiction to massaging the salve into my skin. I would catch myself in a trance sitting at my desk at work, just rubbing my arm and staring off into space. My co-workers are worried. So I’m not sure if that’s what you might classify as a side effect or what, but either way, this is your warning. I think that besides the development of this new addiction, the salve turned out to be a product I didn’t know I actually needed until I started using it. I’d have to say the biggest callout is how easily absorbed into your skin the salve is. One of my biggest complaints about over the counter creams or ointments that do similar jobs is that you can rub the product into your skin all day and it will feel as if it’s sitting on the surface of your skin, sort of heavy even. The salve, however, absorbs so well while still feeling light with no trace of that slippery almost greasy feeling of lotion or cream. This is really important to me because I can’t stand to feel like I have wet or dirty hands (seriously, when I’m in the kitchen, you can find me constantly washing and drying my hands after every single thing I touch because it drives me that crazy).

What Will CBD Salve Do For You?

Overall, I was really happy and pleasantly surprised that I noticed any results at all. Lots of people say that placebo effect is really common when trying new products, but I’m a pretty big skeptic, so I usually go in with my mind made up that it won’t work anyway. Either way, if we fall victim to placebo effect and end up feeling better off than before, is it actually even placebo effect at that point? (perhaps a fun discussion for the future). At the end of the day, I can say that I’ve now added a new product to my less than extensive daily beauty regimen, which should say a lot considering my beauty regimen is pretty non-existent. I’m still sampling the CBD soft gels but I want to continue using them for a bit longer before I give you all my unsolicited opinion on those too. I can’t for y’all to try to Spring Breeze Salve and fall in love with it as much as I have, mainly so I won’t be the only one walking around addicted to rubbing it on my arms. In the meantime, we are gonna have a much better week this coming week and we hope you’ll join us. Starting off the week on a high note, we’ll be dropping Vol. II of our Backroads Radio curated playlist on Monday. Join us as we groove into a new week, a beautifully fresh start, and a new chance to take the backroads!