Using CBD To Drive Progress

What Else Is Out There?

Like many kids, I grew up with a burning desire to grow up and go out into the world to see all of the grand sights that I knew were waiting beyond my own backyard. I would stay up into the wee hours of the morning, using a flashlight to make out the words in whatever novel I was currently engrossed in, dreaming of the day when I would get the opportunity to experience all of the adventure and excitement I was reading about firsthand. I would keep one ear to the ground for the sound of creaking floorboards, a sound I knew meant my mom was creeping down the hallway to make sure I was in bed asleep. I’d be exhausted for school the next day, but I never cared; I was too busy daydreaming about the day I’d escape the slow, contented, pace of the sleepy small town I was raised in and see how other people lived, hear the sound of languages foreign to my ears, taste the exotic foods I’d only ever seen written descriptively about, and talk with strangers about deep, meaningful, topics. The day I turned 18 is the day I left behind my family, friends, and everything I had known up until then.

You Don’t Have to Run From the Past.

Fast forward to now, and I still have a lot of exploring to do and so many more adventures to find, but there will be time for that. Despite the wanderlust I know is inherently a part of me, I am also still very much in tune with my roots- the culture and people that shaped me into who I am. I feel that it’s so important to remember what you came from, not necessarily so that you can avoid any sort of regression, but more so because you can face new experiences and cultures with a unique perspective to offer. The world would be such a bland and meaningless place if we all thought in the same vein or wanted the same things out of life. It takes a varied spectrum in all manner of people and things to make this life we’re in worth the journey, so rather than trying to forget and run from what I’ve come from, I make it a habit to go back as often as I can. Of course, my family is largely a part of the reason I go back, but even if my family were no longer living there, I like to think I’d go anyway. I went back this past weekend for a wedding and there’s always something that happens to me as I’m driving in, as soon as the open road turns into familiar landscape. I start to remember things that happened years and years ago and the feelings I felt when they happened. The feelings are not always good feelings, and often after I come back home after these visits, I spend the following week in some weird sort of daze, dwelling on the past and analyzing these experiences that all have led me to here, writing to you.

Are You Asking the Right Questions?

I’m telling you all of this because I think it’s imperative to put into context all of the many ways that your established routine and thought pattern may have been established just the way they are. To do is simply not enough, and the importance of knowing why we do things is something that often weighs heavily in my mind. Why do I have the career I have? Why do I seek out the friendships and relationships that I seek out in the manner that I do? What is it that drove me to be the kind of individual I am today and how can I improve upon that bodily incarnation while seeking to expand the consciousness infinitely? I realize how hippie this may sound, but take a moment away from your scoffing and eye-rolling (I know that’s the reaction inspired by me because too often I find myself scoffing and rolling my eyes at me, too) to just buy into what I’m saying for a moment. Why did you leave your own backyard? Or, why didn't you? Why not keep pushing for those new experiences with the same feverish excitement and fervency you had as a child?

How Does This Relate to CBD?

You might be wondering at this point how this is relative at all to a blog about CBD. To answer your question- mostly, it isn’t. But this blog is more than a blog about CBD- I want more from you, the reader, than to inform you on the many ways you can benefit from the use of CBD. I want you to come here and know that Heartland Hemp Supply Co is grounded and built on a foundation of staying curious, staying rooted, and extracting meaning from every experience, no matter how big or small. Being a part of Heartland Hemp Supply Co, I not only do my utmost to stay curious on a personal level, but also as a contributing member to this brand and site. The reason I tried CBD products in the first place and continue even now to explore the endless uses and practical applications of hemp derivatives is because I strive daily to keep that childlike curiosity alive in a world where it’s so easy to become bogged down and distracted by the little things or burdened by societal expectations. I use CBD supplementation to keep me rooted and grounded, to maintain the level of mental homeostasis that allows me to keep exploring- not just physically exploring new places, but exploring new places mentally as well.

Stay Tuned.

Staying true to your roots is important to serve the purpose of reminding you why you do what you do. Staying curious is important to serve the purpose of driving you forward. On the note of staying curious, lots of new things are on the horizon for Heartland Hemp Supply Co. I’m not just staying curious for myself, but I’ll give you a reason to stay curious as well. Hopefully you love me enough by now to come back for more virtual connection week after week, but if you’re just here for the CBD, I think you’ll like what we've got in store. Stay tuned and stay curious, friends.