Exotica Moderne

Heartland Hemp and Supply Co.’s designer Ken Holewczynski is the author, editor and publisher of the Tiki revival communities comprehensive resource for all things vintage. This quarterly magazine is a hot commodity. Ken has over 30 years of experience in design, print and multimedia and his publication reflects that. We consider it a privilege to advertise our brand in every issue of Exotica Modern.



Reduce, reuse, recycle. SativaSisters are a Michigan based duo gleaning reusable jewelry materials from the shores of the mighty Great Lakes. Handcrafted in the USA and authentic to death.



From Vienna, Austria, SLAMDANK is a youtube channel piloted by four content creators with a mission to make the world laugh. Internet memes are a phenomena of our time; a cultural collage of the events that come and go as the days go by. We believe they should be celebrated.



Hailing from the Lone Star State, this hero brings Texas sized comedy, culture and action through his vibrant stream. BalladOfTheSalad is no one trick pony. He plays games from a variety of genres that brings a challenge to his corner painted contemporaries. Heartland Hemp and Supply Co. is proud to support this livestream.


Inside the Desert Oasis Room Podcast

Aloha friends! We’re so lucky to have washed onto the shores of Inside the Desert Oasis Room! The worlds greatest podcast for tiki, cocktails, exotica and surf. We’re tremendously proud to sponsor these cool cats, so tune in, pour yourself a drink and hang ten!